„The best singers in all the world right here in Deutschland …“

… yep, and not just the crowd!
It was Green Day’s second concert this fall in Germany (2nd out of 3) and it was amazing! 🙂

My ticket to paradise!

Knowing both supporting acts, I enjoyed the music from the beginning and was so lucky to be right in front of the stage. At least at the beginning of the concert, ‚cause when Green Day came up stage, I had to be  pulled out because of some idiots pushing from the back like crazy, squeezing us to death. (Thanks to all of you f***ers btw!!)
In the end I had a great place, though, too, where I could watch, listen, take pics and vids AND breath. Amazing as!


Supporting act number one: All Time Low from Baltimore, Maryland.

From the left: Jack Barakat, lead guitar & back vocals; Alex Gaskarth, guitar & vocals; some guy I don’t know and Rian Dawson on the drums.

Alex Gaskarth, awesome singer and easy on the eyes, too, imho.

They write their songs with the crowd in mind – and they know how to rock the house!

Caught a plectrum (or a pick, as they want to call it!) thrown by him – yay!


Angels and Airwaves – love their songs on CD but expected more from the live show.

Tom DeLonge was guitarist, vocalist, song writer and co-founder of the commonly known band blink-182. Not only is Angels and Airwaves a project of his, but also Box Car Racer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present …

Cult opening of a Green Day concert – The Pink Bunny gracing the stage.

GREEN DAY from Berkely, CA

In the crowd again after being rescued, taking pics from the side of the stage.

Rocking the stage as always!

They’re not one of the world’s best live band for nothing!

Using the pink hand glove thingy that’s been thrown on stage for playing the guitar … respect, Mr. Armstrong!

Working the crowd

Hot, wet and steaming – the crowd, where I should have been.

Costume party during „King For A Day“ – always love that part, it’s really more like a party than a concert.

Green Day at their best – gotta love these guys.

Thanks for watching, and I am sorry for the sometimes bad quality – I am actually surprised how good the photos turned out to be – at least by my means.

Check out the concert vids on youtube – name the band and add „Berlin Wuhlheide 30.08. Kindlbühne“, (or any of these randomly put together) you’ll find great little films. „99 Revolutions“ (by GD) is THE song you shouldn’t miss out on and „Bouleveard of broken dreams“ shows awesome crowd singing. LOVE IT.


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