Farm Charm – You’re not alone

This post is going to deal with the one vital challenge we are facing here in the Australian Bush almost daily: how to … get into the shower with a frog sitting on the door frame. I’m pretty sure this knowledge will come in handy for you one day, even if not in the immediate future. But, as mentioned before, this is what I have to deal with practically every day,  so here we go:
How do you get into the shower without having the frog jump on your (insert body part here:) _______________?


The answer is simple: don’t even try, you’ll lose.  Make use of the toilet instead while the frog is busy blocking the shower door. Use this rare opportunity of possible solitude on the loo, that’ll have the frog hopping away in no time! Then use the shower while your froggy friend is occupying the toilet, probably planning to jump at you from his hide-out inside the toilet bowl when you take a seat next. (Been there, done that!) It’s all about timing, I think you agree with me, don’t ya?


So best of luck for your next trip to bushland, you are officially prepared for wildlife encounter!

2 Kommentare zu “Farm Charm – You’re not alone

    • Der bespannert mich immer von seinem Platz über der Dusche und das reicht mir an Nähe! König hin oder her, Spannerei geziemt sich nicht! 😉

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