Aus dem Mund von … Birdy

Sometimes I wish I had someone’s hand to hold, both to hold his and for him to hold mine. I get very lonely and feel like drifting away with nothing and noone to hold onto. It’s very scary and intimidating and I wonder if I’m doing the right thing, if I should just cut ties and leave, if I could do more … more of everything and anything, really. I wish there was someone to share these thoughts with, someone who could take a bit of the load off my shoulders. Sometimes the touch of a hand can work wonders, give hope, carry the extra mile, heal something broken, give back something that’s been taken away, reassure and protect. I need a hand to hold and I hope you feel grateful if you have someone holding your hand and taking care of you. If you wish you had a hand to hold my wish for you is to stay strong and not lose faith that there is someone whose hand fits yours perfectly. I know there is someone out there, I just wish he was coming my way a little faster but that’s probably not on the agenda for now so I’ll have to be patient.



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