Aus dem Mund von … Ed Sheeran


Listening to yet another song by the wonderful Ed Sheeran these lines struck me – this is so me. I couldn’t quite believe he was able to pour my core, the essence of my being, into words but with this he touched something deep inside of me. At first, I thought he sung ‚My mind is a worrier‘ – which would have been just as true but I like how just one changed letter is able to instil strength in a word and therefore in a person. As for my heart being a foreigner – now I know why I feel this longing deep inside to move, to leave here and see places – to live. My heart, which is responsible for my happiness, my wishes and my well-being, is a foreigner – it’d be a foreigner everywhere which explains the desire to move, move, move and never stop, no matter where I am and who with.

I love how this simple line in a song can make my whole life clear to myself. If you’d like to listen to that song, go ahead: Grade 8 by Ed Sheeran.


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