er / sie hat aber gesagt … 3

Jeder Stern zeigt eine wirkliche Richtung an.
[Antoine de Saint -Exupéry – Bekenntnis einer Freundschaft]

Träume sind schöne stille Gedanken,
die wie Sonnenstrahlen das Herz erwärmen.

Sorrow weighs my shoulders down
and trouble haunts my mind.
But I know the present will not last,
and tomorrow will be kinder.
It’s true I’ve seen it before.
A brighter day is comin‘ my way.
[The Secret Sisters – Tomorrow will be kinder]

Für keine Liebe, keinen Reichtum,
für kein Wissen, für kein Geld,
für keinen Schatz gäb ich die Freiheit
auf meinen Straßen dieser Welt.
[Philipp Poisel – Für keine Kohle dieser Welt]

And I always was one for crying,
I always was one for tears.

No I never was one for lying.
You lied to me all these years.

[Gwen Stefani – Early Winter]

I’ve been down on my luck ,
I’ve felt like giving up.

My life locked in a trunk
when it hurt way too much.

I needed a reason to live,
some love inside me to give.

I couldn’t rest, I had to
keep on searching.

[Nelly Furtado – Te busque]

Every storm runs out of rain
just like every dark night turns into day.
Every heartache will fade away
just like every storm runs out of rain.
So hold your head up and tell yourself
that there’s something more.
[Gary Allan – Every storm]


And if there’s something nice
you gotta find something nicer
and it hurts.  In my intimidation
I find no one for protection
and it hurts.
[Mariha – It hurts]

Pero tú llegaste a mi vida como una luz,
sanando las heridas de mi corazón
y haciéndome sentir vivo otra vez.
[Nelly Furtado – Te busque]

Vielleicht ist es wirklich nur ein Jahr
aber ich will niemals fragen wo ich war.
[Wir sind Helden – Wenn es passiert]

I’ve been hurt by my past but I feel a future
in my dreams and at last I wake up.
[Nelly Furtado – Te busque]


I remember the days we spent together
were not enough and it used to  feel like dreaming
except we always woke up.
I never thought
not having you here now
would hurt so much.
[FM Static – Tonight]

Du bist zeitlebens für das verantwortlich,
was du dir vertraut gemacht hast.

[Antoine de Saint -Exupéry – Der kleine Prinz]

Es tut gut, einen Freund gehabt zu haben,
selbst wenn man sterben muss.

[Antoine de Saint -Exupéry – Der kleine Prinz]

Für die einen, die reisen, sind die Sterne Führer.
[Antoine de Saint -Exupéry – Der kleine Prinz]

Die Zeit, die du für deine Rose verloren hast,
sie macht deine Rose so wichtig.

[Antoine de Saint -Exupéry – Der kleine Prinz]

Wenn du bei Nacht den Himmel anschaust,
wird es dir sein, als lachten alle Sterne,
weil ich auf einem von ihnen wohne,
weil ich auf einem von ihnen lache.

[Antoine de Saint -Exupéry – Der kleine Prinz]

Ich muss wohl zwei oder drei Raupen aushalten,
wenn ich die Schmetterlinge kennen lernen will.

[Antoine de Saint -Exupéry – Der kleine Prinz]

Tears down your face
leaving traces of my mistakes.
[Green Day – Church on Sunday]

I think there’s something more
life’s worth living for.
Who knows what could happen?
Do what you do, just keep on laughing.
[Avril Lavigne – Who knows]

Find yourself  ‚cause I can’t find you
Be yourself, who are you?
So you go and make it happen
Do your best, just keep on laughing.
[Avril Lavigne – Who knows]

I’m just sick and tired of feeling so alone.
Why won’t you stay and
cure the circles round my eyes,

and we can watch the stars
until the sun begins to rise.

[Green Day – Stay the night]

Wir sind viel zu weit gegangen,
um nochmal umzudrehen.
Wir haben viel zu viel gesehen,
um umzudrehen.
Jetzt sind wir auf dem Weg,
und keiner weiß wohin es geht.
Wir sind einfach losgegangen,
um unser Leben einzufangen.
[Silbermond – Zu weit]

I’m not afraid of anything,
just need to know that I can breathe.
I don’t need much of anything,
but suddenly I am small
and the world is big.
All around me is fast moving.
I am young and I am free,
but I get tired and I get weak,
I get lost and I can’t sleep.
[Avril Lavigne – How does it feel]

Seeing is deceiving,
dreaming is believing.
It’s okay not to be okay.
Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart,
but tears don’t mean you’re losing,
everybody’s bruising. Just be true to who you are.
[Jessie J – Who you are]

I will be home in a while,
you don’t have to say a word.
I can’t wait to see you smile,
wouldn’t miss it for the world.
[Sum 41 – Walking disaster]

My skin is like a map
of where my heart has been.
[Natasha Bedingfield – I bruise easily]

I found your fingerprints
on a glass of wine,
do you know that you’re leaving them
all over this heart of mine, too?
[Natasha Bedingfield – I bruise easily]

Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words
that you could not find.
[Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten]

Feel the rain on your skin,
no one else can feel it for you,
only you can let it in.
No one else, no one else
can speak the words on your lips.
Drench yourself in words unspoken,
live your life with arms wide open.
[Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten]

We’ve been conditioned to
not make mistakes
but I can’t live that way.
[Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten]

Teach me wrong from right
and I’ll show you what I can be.
[Nickelback – Savin‘ me]

flyaway - Kopie

„I did not come to this country to be happy.
I came to earn money for my family.
I do not expect to be happy.“
„That’s no way to live.“
[Marian Keyes – The brightest star in the sky]
I may be scared and a little bit frightened,
but I’ll be back, I’ll be coming back to life.
You can try but you’ll never keep me down.
[Scouting for Girls – This ain’t a lovesong]
She’d had it all.
Within the bounds of her ordinary life,
she’d had nirvana. She’d been loved and
she’d had friends, a job,
ordinary decent happiness.
[Marian Keyes – The brightest star in the sky]
We’ve all got choices.
We’ve all got voices.
[Avril Lavigne – He wasn’t]
What has happened, has happened.
It can’t unhappen. You are different.
[Marian Keyes – The brightest star in the sky]
I haven’t been everywhere. But it’s on my list.
[Susan Sontag]
„One can never go back. You know that.“
„So what am I to do?“
„Perhaps you could … try going forward?“
[Marian Keyes – The brightest star in the sky]
„Oh, pain. Everyone is so frightened of pain.
But how else is one to know one is alive?“
[Marian Keyes – The brightest star in the sky]

Death is only sad if one hasn’t lived one’s life.

[Marian Keyes – The brightest star in the sky]
All these questions
asked out of love and concern,
she knew that,
but overwhelming all the same.
[Monica McInerney – Those Faraday Girls]
I wish it were simple
But we give up easily.
[KT Tunstall – Other side of the world]
‚My dream? I don’t think
I’ve thought of anything as a dream,
especially not the music.‘
‚So why do you do it?‘
He smiled. ‚Because I can.‘
[Monica McInerney – Those Faraday Girls]
Can you help me?
Can you let me go?
And can you still love me
when you can’t see me anymore?
[KT Tunstall – Other side of the world]
Don’t do too much thinking.
It’s bad for the soul.

[Monica McInerney – Those Faraday Girls]
You know I got my own life
and I bought everything that’s in it.
I want a love that’s for real
and without that: no deal.
And baby I don’t need a hand
if it only wants to grab one thing.
[PCD – I don’t need a man]
‚Are you ever pessimistic?‘
‚Never. What’s the point?‘
[Monica McInerney – Those Faraday Girls]
Eternal youth is a landscape of a lie.
[Green Day – ¡Viva La Gloria!]
You get a choice in life.
You can see the bright sight
or the dark side in everything.
I always choose the bright side.
[Monica McInerney – Those Faraday Girls]
Steig auf den Berg aus Dreck,
weil oben frischer Wind weht.
[Peter Fox – Alles neu]
Lets take a moment to reflect
n the past few years of my life.
I haven’t worked myself away
o stay inside.
[All Time Low – Break Out! Break Out!]
You can’t see the world through a mirror.
[Avril Lavigne – Too much to ask]
Wo die Liebe hinfällt,
schlägt sie sich die Knie wund.
[Jennifer Rostock – Mein Parfum]
Trust your instinct like you trust what’s in the mirror.
[Billy Talent – Covered in Cowardice]
„Everything alive needs food of some sort.
Even trees and plants.“
„‚The north wind is alive. It is moving.
It touches you on the cheek
and on the hands.
But nobody is feeding it.“
[Roald Dahl – The BFG]
We gotta make a decision:
Leave tonight or live and die this way.
[Tracy Chapman – Fast Car]
„Dreams is full of mystery and magic.“
[Roald Dahl – The BFG]
Cowards that hide behind their words
don’t care whose feelings will get hurt.
[Billy Talent – Covered in Cowardice]
„You never really understand a person
until you consider things from his point of view
– until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.“
[Harper Lee – To Kill A Mockingbird]
Summer was our best season:
it was sleeping on the back screened porch in cots,
or trying to sleep in the treehouse;
ummer was everything good to eat;
it was a thousand colors in a parched landscsape.
[Harper Lee – To Kill A Mockingbird]
There are just some kind of men
who are so busy worrying about the next world
they’ve never learned to live in this one.
[Harper Lee – To Kill A Mockingbird]
Don’t you worry.
There are ways of doing things
you don’t know about.
[Harper Lee – To Kill A Mockingbird]
We’re fighting our friends.
But remember this,
no matter how bitter things get,
they’re still our friends.
[Harper Lee – To Kill A Mockingbird]
Mockingbirds don’t do one thing
but make music for us to enjoy.
They don’t do one thing
but sing their hearts out for us.
That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.
[Harper Lee – To Kill A Mockingbird]
„I think maybe he put his gun down
when he realized that God  had given him
an unfair advantage over most living things.“
[Harper Lee – To Kill A Mockingbird]
People in their right minds
never take pride in their talents.
[Harper Lee – To Kill A Mockingbird]
Every time we hear whe whole world rushing by
I know that we’re not crazy.
[Olly Murs – Busy]
Der Mensch wäre kein gutes Tier.
Im Gegensatz zu den anderen Lebewesen auf der Erde
gibt er sich mit nichts zufrieden, wie es ist.
Wenn es dunkel ist, will er, dass es hell ist.
Wenn es kalt ist, will er, dass es warm ist.
Und wenn es dann heiß ist, hätte er es lieber kalt.
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